The Faithful Zodiac List, Sorted from the Best

Some zodiacs are known to be faithful, while others are not. Launch from Real rules, following a solid list of zodiacs, sorted from the most faithful to the most jovial.

1. Cancer

Once you get a couple with Cancer, you can say you've got a partner for life. They have always been loyal and trustworthy individuals.

It takes a while for them to really open up to trust you. But once you gain their trust, you know that you can count on them to live the rest of life together.

2. Leo

Many people mistakenly think that those who have zodiac Leo not have good luck in romance because of their self-centered nature. They are arrogant and sometimes, overconfident.

They always want to be the center of attention anywhere and never deny it. But you should also know that Leo will be very loyal and spoil someone who managed to steal their attention.

3. Capricorn
If you've ever approached Capricorn before, you'll know how frustrating they are about a bad experience. They are terrified of relationships because they do not like to see themselves as vulnerable creatures.

But once they allow themselves to be open, then you know that their loyalty to you is real. Their allegiance is hard to come by, but it will not be easy to get off when they get it.

4. Aquarius

Just to express the simple things, an Aquarius will have difficulty finding the motivation to enter into a relationship of romance. Aquarius people are not social creatures so you should not think badly that they are able to connect more than one person at a time.

5. Taurus
A Taurus will be the couple you depend on, and you can bet that they will not be able to lie to you. They are the most faithful people ever met. They are the kind of people who are willing to forgive that when they know, you are wrong because it means loyalty to them.

6. Virgo

Virgo is someone who is difficult to understand. On the one hand, they hate lies and cheat because of their high moral standards. But they are also the kind of people who want to cheat if the situation is right.

They are easily bored in relationships because of their high standards, so there is the possibility of them seeking satisfaction elsewhere.

7. Aries
They are bored quickly. They always want to go fast. But unfortunately, it also means that they too can not hold on to one person or one activity because it is easily bored. They so quickly jump from one relationship to the next because their eyes are constantly wandering.

8. Libra

You probably already know that Librans have an overthinking tendency. And because they overthink about things, they often fall into the act of cheating or lying. In short, due to Libra's hyperactive mind, it's hard to say how they would act in a relationship in general.
9. Scorpio
What you really need to know about Scorpio is that they are very ambitious and not afraid to pursue what they want, especially something they can not have. Just the lure of doing something they should not do is enough to make them want to cheat on a love affair.

10. Pisces

They are social butterflies and therefore, not a surprise when they lie in a relationship. They are continually craving for social interaction and interaction, not necessarily from a single source.

11. Sagittarius
Sagittarians have a reputation for non-commitment. So it does not surprise anyone that they are on the lowest list. They hate being entangled in binding relationships and they will do anything to preserve their freedom.

12. Gemini

Of all the zodiacs, Gemini is the person who most cheats you. Remember that they have a very fluid and dynamic personality. And that's the reason they make a lot of people like them.

They know how to adjust how they behave just so that people like them. And as a result, most Gemini are rarely satisfied players getting love from a single source.


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